Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer - FROM SPACE!

Fisher Space Pen - IN ACTION!
Anyone who has been to one of my networking seminars or workshops has heard my rule:  “Always have a pen with you.”  This is important so that you can write down useful notes from each conversation that you have.  It is hard enough to remember names and faces when you meet a variety of people at one event.  To remember the topics of conversation that you discussed, the hobbies and interests of your new acquaintances, you’ve got to take notes.  I like to write them on the business cards I receive from people I meet.  This way when I am transferring the contact info into my computer later on, I also have notes from our conversation handy.  Always having a pen with you is a habit that you need to create for yourself.

The key is to have the pen ON YOU, not just in a briefcase that gets left in your car at events, or even in your coat that gets left on a rack or the back of a chair.  It may seem relatively easy to find a pen (i.e. ask for one) at a networking event, but chances are this added step will prevent you from actually recording any conversational information in writing.  You have to have the pen IN YOUR POCKET. 

Small for pocket - Big for hand
Does the idea of keeping a pen in your pocket make you uncomfortable?  What if it leaks or explodes?  Will it be uncomfortable to have a big pointy stick in my pocket?  Rest assured, I have the perfect suggestion for you.  It is a pen that I learned about through my friend John Urdi a few years ago.  It is the Fisher Space Pen.  Yup, Space Pen.  As in, what the astronauts use.  The Fisher Space Pen is small enough to fit in your pocket comfortably, and large enough when you turn the cap around to fit in your hand nicely for writing.  The cap fits securely with a rubber O-ring as well.  The ink cartridge is designed to write in zero gravity, which means its also great if you need to write with the pen upside down (like when you place a business card against a vertical surface to write a note).  The Fisher Space Pen also writes well in the cold, rain, and snow!  It costs only about $20 from Amazon.com or your local office supply store, and the ink cartridges are replaceable.  In short, it is the perfect pen for anyone who has ever asked you to borrow a pen!  I never leave home without mine.
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  1. Love it Morgan! The other great thing is that the ink last YEARS and writes on wet paper as well as dry - crazy. BTW I learned this from my dad who ALWAYS had a pen on him at all times.


  2. Yes, I have used my Space Pen outside in the snow many times, and I am always blown away that it can write on wet paper. I wish I had it during the White Buffalo Club construction when I was outside in the cold & snow with frozen pens all the time.