Friday, October 18, 2013

What Is "Internal Marketing?"

After a recent seminar that I presented, I passed my business cards around to the audience and asked if anyone had questions.  I was surprised when one of the first questions was not about the presentation, but about my card.

"Your cards lists, 'Sales Consulting, Customer Retention, and Employee Engagement" the gentleman asked.  "How does employee engagement fit in with all the sales & marketing stuff?"

"Great question," I responded.  I then challenged the audience to consider the "Identify Your Target Customer?" exercise we had worked on earlier in the presentation, and to substitute the word "customer" with the word "employee."  In many instances, employees are your core customers! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mega Disruption!

A few months ago I promised on this blog that I would be posting all about all of the great speakers that I coached for TEDxJacksonHole in February.  Boy did I fail at that.  Sorry.  I've been busy.  Seriously.

We just concluded TEDxJacksonHole DISRUPT on October 5, 2013, and it was AWESOME!  If you were not lucky enough to be in the audience, don't fret, videos of all the speeches will be posted online within the next couple of weeks.

As the Speaker Coach for TEDxJacksonHole I have spent hundreds of hours over the past 3 months working with each of the wonderful speakers for the event.  What a great event!  Thank you to every performer:

  • April Alliston
  • Ed Belbruno
  • Alexa Clay*
  • Sandy Hessler
  • Brolin Mewejje
  • Kristen Moeller
  • Marena Salerno Collins
  • Steve Trilling
  • Ava Ulmer
  • Nate Ver Burg
What is that "*" next to Alexa Clay's name, you ask?  Well, Alexa had to cancel at the last second because of illness, and a replacement speaker had to fill in.  Who? You ask again.  Well, that would be me.  Yup, I got the opportunity to give my first TED talk this past Saturday, and I had only 10 hours to prepare it!  And in that time, I also needed to assist the other speakers with the dress rehearsal.  Talk about a major DISRUPTION!  It was a crazy and intense next 12 hours that are still all a blur for me.  While I feel as though I delivered a powerful and emotional speech, I am a bit afraid to see the video once it is edited.  All and all, I am proud of what I accomplished and revealed to the audience.
I also feel for Alexa, as she spent hours and hours preparing her speech, flying here from the east coast to present, and then falling ill and being unable to perform.  You all should at the very least visit to see what we missed.

Thanks to everyone who helped make TEDxJacksonHole DISRUPT a huge success.  Special thanks to Steve Jansen and the rest of the TEDxJacksonHole committee.  Another one in the books!