Monday, September 27, 2010

Know Thy Customer

I made the mistake today of Googling "Ten Commandments of Marketing." I wanted to know where "Know Thy Customer" ranked on the de facto online authority (as deemed by the highest search engine rank). Looking back, I know it was a dumb idea. I had expected that a dozen or so people would have posted their version of this fictional list of marketing dos & don'ts, but I had no idea that there would be more than 83 pages of results! That is more than 800 individual websites referencing some version of the Ten Commandments of Marketing. 

Ten Commandments of Modern Marketing
...Social Media Marketing
...Guerrilla Marketing
...Green Marketing
...Better Networking
...Great Networking
Then things started to get weird...
...Ethnic Marketing
...Marketing for Chiropractors
...Marketing & Promoting a Horse Business
And my personal favorite: 
The Ten Commandments of Mafia Marketing
I also really enjoyed the Hip Hop Ten Commandments which really had very little to do with marketing, but almost made me fall out of my chair from laughing.