Sales Consulting

Sales Coaching
Dialogue takes an innovative approach to sales training by condensing the concept of customer engagement down to its most fundamental element, the conversation.  Learning to identify conversational opportunities and maximize the effectiveness of every customer interaction is the key to increasing sales, retaining customers, and developing referral business.

Employee Engagement
Every conversation that each employee has with customers at work, around town, and online is an opportunity to build a relationship and promote business.   Dialogue engages employees by inviting everyone into the sales and marketing process and developing their communication skills.

Presentation Design
Few marketing tools are as dynamic as a well executed presentation.  Combining visual, audio, and movement, presentations have the ability to communicate effectively with people of all learning types.  Dialogue helps individuals navigate the complexities of creating and executing effective presentations.
Proposal Development
The strategic impact of an effective sales proposal should never be underestimated.  It is one of the best opportunities to align brand messaging with the needs and desires of a specific client.  Dialogue works with businesses and  individuals to create professional proposals that focus on the unique results and benefits that  their clients will experience.
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